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International Tax

Our team provides international tax planning and consulting services in connection with the following:

Individuals and Trusts

U.S. executives working and residing overseas

Foreign executives working and residing in the U.S.

Tax issues for non-citizens immigrating to the U.S.

Tax issues for individuals considering expatriation from the U.S.

Gift, trust and estate considerations for non-citizens with U.S. based assets

U.S. beneficiaries of foreign trusts

Withholding Tax Services

U.S. withholding and reporting for payments made to foreign persons

Foreign withholding tax matters

Application of income tax treaties to amounts subject to withholding at source

Application of U.S. withholding rules to offshore withholding agents

Backup withholding matters

Other Matters

Income tax treaties

Foreign tax credits

Subpart F and other anti-avoidance rules